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What's New: 1996

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29th November - Report on day twenty three of closing speeches for the defence

24th November - Report on day seventeen of closing speeches for the defence
Now only days 297 and 303 are outstanding and they may take some time to appear.

22nd November - Report on day twenty two of closing speeches for the defence
Wow! are we quick today, or what?

22nd November - Though they are not new additions as such, the following files were discovered to have been corrupted at some time in the past and have, therefore been re-uploaded.

21st November - Buy Nothing Day, added to global diary

20th November - Report on day twenty of closing speeches for the defence

19th November - Report on day nineteen of closing speeches for the defence

18th November - Experiencing with 'uploader' system and had to manualy files waiting in the in queue since the 15th to be uploaded.

18th November - Report on day eighteen of closing speeches for the defence

18th November - Book and Press Update:

17th November - Report on day sixteen of closing speeches for the defence

15th November - Press and Profile Update

10th November - Homepage painted black in respect.

10th November - Links:

9th November - This Week updates

9th November - Report on day forteen of closing speeches for the defence

7th November - Report on day thirteen of closing speeches for the defence

6th November - Report on day twelve of closing speeches for the defence

5th November - Report on day eleven of closing speeches for the defence

2nd November - Report on day ten of closing speeches for the defence

1st November - Report on day nine of closing speeches for the defence

31st October - Report on day eight of closing speeches for the defence

30th October - Report on day seven of closing speeches for the defence

29th October - Report on day six of closing speeches for the defence

28th October - This Week updates
Company: McDonald's find new product cannot boost their sales!
Media: End in sight for McLibel trial
Campaigns: Albert v Ronald In Battle Of The Burger

28th October - McLibel Support Campaign Press Release re: Longest Trial
McSpotlight Press Release re: Daily ooverage of closing speeches
Report on World Anti-McDonald's Day 1996

27th October - Another McSubvert! - this time in down town Hackney, London.

26th October - Report on day five of closing speeches for the defence

25th October - Updated BSE pages
Scientists 'find mad cow link' , Evidence Links Mad-Cow Disease to Similar Disease in Humans.

25th October - Camden council rejects extention to McDonald's opening hours.

25th October - Report on day four of closing speeches for the defence

24th October - 'McLibel Case Nears End': Americas largest distribution daily covers the trial.

24th October - Report on day three of closing speeches for the defence

23rd October - Report on day two of closing speeches for the defence

23rd October - Suit with a side order of Fries: an old article that draws a 'flawed' response from Mike Love (McDonald's head of communication) - set straight by Helen Steel's reply. But then there IS the unpublished reply from Helen too. Lies, reports and originals.

22rd October - The McEnd is Near In McDonald's Libel Trial - Associated Press wire.

22nd October - Mac shows 'stunning growth rate' yet 'sluggish returns'. Corporate hyberbole at its finest. Also more from Macdonald vs McDonald's as it all becomes Writ Large.

22nd October - Report on day one of closing speech for the defence

21st October - This Week updates
Company: Happy eaters in Glastonbury as McDonald's store burns to the ground
Media:Special Branch help McDonald's
Campaigns:Day of Solidarity for McD workers and Camden Planning Debacle.

21st October - Albert v Ronald In Battle Of The Burger
Orthodox Jews Offended By Cheese Halt March Of The Big Mac In Israel
Greenbelt Association Sues To Stop McDonald's

18th October - Statement to activists world-wide, from McLibel 2
McLibel defendents speak out after appeal for more time is rejected.
Plus USA 'wrap-up' of national actions on World Anti-McDonald's Day

17th October - U.S.McLibel Support Campaign UPDATE re: Day of Action
Video shook in Big Mac licence bid plus Hitch for fast food giant

17th October -More details from the McDonald's vs McDonald's court drama in Jamaica.
Big Mac To Be Grilled In JA , Opening Of McDonald's Stalled
Internet Info Accepted In Court , Defence representative's press release.

16th October - U.S.McLibel Support Campaign Press Release re: Day of Action
Reports of actions coming in; Police Surround Santa Cruz McDonald's, Band of Mercy (New York)
other major actions in the US awaiting further details: Chicago, and Bloomington, Indiana

14th October - McLibel Support Campaign Press Release re: Closing Speeches
Global diary updated.

11th October - The Jamaica Story pages updated in preparing for new McSpotlight section on other McDonald's litigation.

11th October - 'History of Additions Page'.
In order to keep the 'Whats New' page to a manageable size, older additions will be rolled off onto the history page.

11th October-
Here's the McProof! ... McDonald's really DO own the prefix 'Mc' - oh well ....
What's Up!: The Corporate Lawyers are stalking the land!!! The latest addition to the cartoon gallery.

10th October - This Week updates
Company: Scots cheif to defend his clan
Media: The longest civil case in British history.
Campaigns: McNaturals proposal for McDonald's

10th October
Letter from McDonald's Patent Attorneys to McMunchies.
Articles: The Business of Applying Pressure, Patent Nonsense, Big Mac Will Shun Debate.

9th October
Ronald McDonald vs McDonald's Ltd - the correspondance:
Second Letter from Ronald to McDonald's and McDonald's reply to his orginal letter.
Plus, more on the Mary Blair fiasco - The Times, 24th Sept , Daily Telegraph, 24th Sept

7th October - Exclusive RealAudio interview :
McSpotlight speaks to the 'real' Ronald McDonald!
Plus - Scottish press reports the Lord MacDonald is set to battle burger chain

2nd October - This Week updates
Company: Mr R.McDonald bites back; Hamburger Uni 'graduate' to join school board with "degree of bachelor"!?.
Media: The Mirror vents its fury at McDonald's tactics.
Campaigns: New Zealand and Australia continue opposition to McDonald's expansion plans.

2nd October
Back To The Source : by Eveline Lubbers, Amsterdam
Paper for Metaforum III Conference, Budapest October 1996 with a glowing account of
the online McLibel coverage and McSpotlight in the brave new world of cyberspace.

1st October - This Week updates
Company: McDonald's have "an important announcement that just may have adults across America singing and dancing" - their contribution to world peace, the end to poverty .... whoops, no, it's a new burger... .
Media: Attack of the Slamming Sites.
Campaigns: Bratislavans say 'No!' but East Grinstead looks set to say 'Yes'.

1st October
'Mr McDonald bites back' (Independent, 30th Sept 96)
and media reveal how they are Fed up to McTeeth (Mirror, 28th Sept 96)
Interviews with Helen and Dave (Independent, 29th Sept 96) 29th September - McSpotlight merchandise order form now ready.
McLibel and McSpotlight campaign stickers added to collection of 'ready-to-print' PDF files.

28th September - Global diary has been updated, and a text only version of the site map has been added. Note: A new mirror site management system is being used and some problems are being experienced.

27th September - McSpotlight merchandise now available!
We know you have all been desperate to dig into you pockets and give us your money...
well now you have an excuse: long sleeved T-shirts (as seen on TV!), stickers, posters,
and best yet - the exclusive McSpotlight Video.

26th September - under-development, the McSpotlight 'help page'
As part of our continuing drive to increase 'user-friendlyness', we are working on a help page (read 'idiots guide to McSpotlight'). Hopefully, as a regular visitor, you won't be needing it, but we would appreciate your comments so please take a look.

25th September - Les pages "Campaigns" sont maintenant en FranĦais.
(French campaigns pages now in French!)

24th September - McTrademarking a heritage: McDonald's resort to the courts AGAIN.

22nd September - Inter@ctive magazine article featuring McSpotlight
'If Web sites are the asteroids of cyberspace, surely the McSpotlight page is its Death Star.'

21st September - Ready to print leaflets now available.
The PDF file format of these new leaflets, ensures that users on almost all platforms, will be able to reproduce the leaflets and start handing them out.
Also, responding to complaints regarding the image map button bars on the home and top pages (they were incompatible with some browsers), we have reverted to the older system.

20th September - This Week updates
Company: McDonald's admits defeat in attempt to buy Tory HQ in North London.
Media: 'Adopt-A-Store' in the Big Issue.
Campaigns: Montpellier rebutt the advance of the Golden Arches.
Viz considering legal action against McDonald's.
South African article regarding discontentment with McDonald's conditions.

17th September -
McDonald's refused permission for drive-thru in North London.
Parents of E.coli victim start legal action against McDonald's

14 September - This Week updates
Company: McDonald's move for a monopoly in New Zealand.
Media: Mark Thomas gives McSpotlight the big thumbs up.
Campaigns: Ronald's big day out spoiled.

10 September - New leaflets:
Solidarity with McDonald's Workers and Adopt-a-Store
Plus the lastest summary from court in Trial News 3, and a new Supporters Letter

29 August - This Week updates
Company: Would you like some fries with that diploma?
Media: Big Mac in trouble over late openings in London
Campaigns: British defence secretary faces rebellion over McDonald's planning application.

28 August - letter from parents to local council demanding explanations for the corporate take over of their children's FunDay (see 24 August).

24 August - Exclusive report (including pictures) of McDonald's hijacking of McLibel defendant's local children's fete.

20 August - Launch of the Global Campaigns Diary

9 August - This Week updates
Company: Is there to be a McDonald's at Stonehenge?
Media: Advice from Magellan: check McSpotlight quick before McDonald's closes it down
Campaigns: Planning applicationrefused in bizarre decision by Camden Council

8 August - Redesign of McSpotlight Home Page.

28 July - The less intellectually challenging parts of the site are brought together in the new McFun page. (Suggestions for a better name welcome.)

28 July - Comprehensive Map of the Site and friendly navigation buttons mean there's no more excuses for getting lost.

25 July - This Week updates
This Week in Court: Evidencefinishes
Media: How to flame-boil corporations
Campaigns: Campus rumpus in theUSA
Company: McDonald's and the veggiefilm 'Babe'

24 July - More of the McD team - Patti Brinley-Codd ; Timothy Atkinson ; Mike Quinlan and Sid Nicholson join the rogue's gallery in thePeople's Section whilst judge Justice Rodger Bell gets his own page too at last.

24 July - Once the power behind Thatcher, is Bernard Ingham now part of another propaganda machine?

17 July - A new statement from Susanna Hecht in the environment section of the Witnessbox.

17 July - Is McSpotlight being sued as the McSpotlight and McDonald's Home pages get reviewed and McDonalds are booted out of Jamaica? A busy week for all concerned.

16 July - Are the Golden Arches to be erected at Stonehenge ?

11 July - New statement from Neal Barnard on the Witness List

9 July - This Week updates
This Week in Court: More revelations from private detectives
Media: McLibel Second Anniversary in the media
Campaigns: Enfield residents opposed McDonald's drive-thru

3 July - Summary of This Week in Court, covering 20 May to 26 June.
The private detectives employed by McDonald's to infiltrate London Greenpeace admit in the witness box that they handed out the 'What's Wrong with McDonald's' leaflet, followed activists home and took secret photos.

2 July - This Week updates
Media: McSpotlight wins prestigious award.
Campaigns: McSpotlight used as case study in Parliament and at a University.
Company: Controversial Australian McD's advert 'starring' Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

29 June - Firstnewsletter of the McSpotlight MailingList, including: What's New on McSpotlight?, Help Needed, News from the McLibel Trial, Campaign News and Upcoming Events.

28 June - Statement by the McLibel 2 on the 2nd anniversary of the trial.

28 June - The McLibel defendants' Noticeof Intention to issue proceedings against the enquiry agents formerly employed on behalf of McDonald's.

25 June - This Week updates
Media: The New Statesman examinesMcSpotlight
Campaigns: McDonald's has sponsorship offer rejected by students
Company: Scientists claim BSE is widespread in Europe

20th June - McLibel Support Campaign press releases: 2nd Anniversary of the trial ; Recent Evidence ; Up Cong Events.

19th June - PersberichtMclibel-Benefietfeest 21 Juni 1996 - Utrecht

19th June - The all improved and updated Dutch top page: bigger, better and in Dutch!

18th June - Yet another example of banned material, this time from Australia and with excellent cartoons! Criticising McD's policies this is part of the reorganised 'Other McLibels' section.

18th June - The Beyond Beef Campaign -questions, quotes and factsheets. A comprehensive 'kit' to understanding the beef issue, particularly in the USA.

14th June - Loads of new cartoons in the shiny, revampe Cartoon Gallery.

12th June - McDonald's 'Used Police Sources'... whilst Big Mac Faces The Facts but'HERE'S THE BEEF'. Three articles, three different topics, one criticism - McD's!

12th June - Das Dach vonMcDonald's - protest in Hamburg and Bonn (Germany) [outside link].

6th June - Campaigns against new McD's stores in Glastonbury, Englandand Port Washington,USA added to the Local Residents Against McDonald's section.

5th June - 'This Week' update in the Company section, inc. news of the disruption of McDonald's Annual Shareholders meeting.

4th June - McSpotlight leaflet:outlining the site, the issues and the coverage to date.

4th June - 'NetTimers': dutch article on NetActivism in the Netherlands by Eveline Lubbers.

4th June - 'This Week' update in the (newly designed) Media section, inc. 'McD's unmasked' by RedPepper.

3rd June - 'This Week' update in the Campaigns section, inc. news of the disruption of McDonald's Annual Shareholders meeting in the States.

3rd June - One of Ronald's spies (F. Tiller) gives evidence over the company's use of private investigators to infiltrate London Greenpeace in 1989/90.

2nd June - McSpotlight bank account: the phone bill has finally fallen through the letter box! All donations kindly received.

2nd June - 'Greasy Spoon Sweatshop': a play McDonald's would rather you didn't read, perform or even knowabout.

1st June - McSpotlight's fantabulous new cartoons in the gallery.

30th May - 'This Week' updates in the Company, Media and Case sections.

30th May - Babymilk safety scare: McSpotlight names names of the leading brands contaminated with toxic chemicals.

22nd May - 'This Week' updates in the Company, Media and Campaigns sections.

18th May - McSpotlight's answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

10th May - Details of the upcoming Hackney Anarchy Week, including a workshop by McLibel and McSpotlight.

10th May - Where to buy the video of McLibel protestors sabotaging the filming of a McDonald's commercial, London.

8 May - 'This Week' updates in the Company, Media and Campaigns sections. 'This Week in Court' expect soon.

7th May - New statement on recyclingfrom Ann Link - Environmental expert based at the Women's Environmental Network.

7th May - New environmental statement from Charles Secrett - Executive Director of Friend'sof the Earth (UK).

4th May - McDonald's '60 Minute Strategy' - Highly confidential document detailing McDonald's attempt to 'contain it (McLibel) as a UK issue' and 'not become guilty by association'.

4th May - New anti-Capitalism page- with anarchist sites and listservers to subscribe to.

4th May - Foodmiles, by Tim Lobstein, examines the REAL cost of the food we eat.

3rd May - Interim Reportfrom Richard North on the implications of bacterial outbreaks in McDonald's (Preston,UK 1996).

3rd May - 'Interview with a Burger King' - early interview with Paul Preston.

3rd May - Suppressed leaflet of the Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union about McDonald's.

3rd May - M is for Merit - McD and behavioural 'incentives' at school.

2nd May - Guided Tour of McDonald's Website -see their site from the safety of McSpotlight (Netscape 2.0 only).

2nd May - The Debating Room opensits doors for global debate on McDonald's and all they stand for.

2nd May - MSC Press Release: Mr Big Mac To Be Grilled By McLibel Two

2nd May - McSpotlight Press Release: Update and New Sections

1st May - McSpotlight mailing list launched.

31st April - New FAWN report: BroilerBreeders.

26th April - A real, live crying cartoon (Netscape 2.0 only), plus a selection of the best BSE cartoons, in the gallery.

25th April - 'This Week' updates in the Company, Media and Campaigns sections.

24th April - McLibel PressBackgrounder - notes for journalists/ editors.

24th April - This Week in Court- another ruling has gone against the defendants and details have been revealed of how McDonald's and the police co-operated to spy on protesters.

23rd April - Environment witness George Monbiot'sstatement is added to the witnesslist, as he appears in court this week.

19th April - Transcript of NBC News report on McSpotlight.

19th April - Come to Court -experience the McLibel Trial for yourself.

18th April - The full length Wat Is Er Mis Met McDonald's?(Dutch) and the shorter version Qu'Est-ce Qui Ne Va Pas Chez McDonald's? (French).

18th April - 'This Week' updates in the Company, the media and the campaigns sections.

17th April - Report of Chrissie Hynde attacked by McDonald's in1989.

17th April - Employment witness Cory Mainprize's witness statement.

16th April - Beecham's , Burger King and Unilever join the other multi-nationals in theMcSpotlight in the Beyond Mc's pages.

16th April - Other McLibels against the Vegetarian Society and the BBC .

16th April - A 1991 statement from the Pleasant Peasants on McDonald's employment practices and investigations (Albuquerque, USA).

15th April - Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen (SOMO) .

12th April - McD's latest promotion in the UK - no purchase necessary.

7th April - Quotes page.

4th April - Updates of 'This Week in Court', 'This Week's Campaigning', 'This Week in the Media' and 'This Week at McDonalds'.

30th March - Fosters and Kodak in the McSpotlight in the Beyond McDonald's pages.

29th March - The full text of the Chlorine Report by Ann Link of the Women's Environmental Network.

28th March - Other Multi-Nationals in the McSpotlight - updated and improved.

25th March - "B.S.E. - The Biggest Opportunity For Farmers" - McLibel Press Conference (with Howard Lyman).

24th March - McDonald's and BSE (MadCow Disease)

19th March - This week in the Mediawith all the latest press news, this week's campaigning with news of protests around the world.

14th March - Revamped Company Page their censorship strategy, 'charitable' activity, finances, propaganda and business methods.

13th March - Donations page.

11th March - Updates of 'This Week in Court', 'This Week's Campaigning', 'This Week in the Media' and 'This Week at McDonalds'.

8th March - New McLibel witness statements about the effects of cattle ranchingon:
Rainforests - Susanna Hecht, Professor of Latin American Studies at UCLA and Ronald Cummins, FieldResearcher in Latin America
Indigenous people - Fiona Watson, Campaigns Co-ordinator for Survival International

6th March- Other multinationals in the McSpotlight in the new, improved Beyond McDonald's

4th March - Updates of 'This Week InCourt', 'This Week's Campaigning', 'This Week in the Media' and 'This Week at McDonald's'

4th March - New cartoons in the gallery

4th March - Ingredients Information for the new veggie burger

2nd March - List of all the leaflets available to print

1st March - British comedian Mark Thomas' visit to McDonald's - as seen onChannel 4.

27th Feb - Major new section, Local Residents Against McDonald's

27th Feb - McSpotlight's press articles so far.

27th Feb - McDonald's 'Charitable' activity.

25th Feb - First letters to Feedback.

25th Feb - McDonald's Corporate Policy on rainforests.

24th Feb - Updates of 'This Week InCourt', 'This Week Outside Court' and'This Week in the Media'

17th Feb - Report of the launch of McSpotlight

16th Feb 1996 - The 'deathstar of cyberspace' is born - McSpotlight is launched on the Internet.


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