McDonald's March 1995.


McDonald's capped a record-setting year of international growth with the openings of restaurants in four new countries in December 1994. The grand openings in December 1994. The grand openings in Bulgaria, Latvia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates brigs to 79 the number of countries in which we do business. In addition to these four new openings, McDonald's opened doors to customers in Oman, Kuwait, New Caledonia, Egypt, and Trinidad last year.

McDonald's projected in 1995 that new country openings would include Columbia, India, Croatia, Estonia, Honduras, Jamaica, Qatar, Romania, Slovakia, St Martin and South Africa.


USA Today reports that TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford was recently profiled in Women's World magazine; which incorrectly stated that she was "into veggiburgers." Gifford commented on this information saying, "It's fine if people love them (veggiburgers. The truth is, I'll eat a Quarter Pounder with Cheese anytime."


McDonald's in Oman, which opened earlier this year, is catering to local tastes. Because the country has a large Indian population which prefer vegetarian dishes, two new items were added to the menu. Now, Oman customers can enjoy Veggie Burgers and Veggi Nuggets.