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March 4th 2000
McLibel documentary postbag bursts
On the 22nd of February, the mainstream Australian broadcaster SBS showed the 60-minute documentary "McLibel: Two Worlds Collide" at peak time on a public channel. And then the viewers' letters started flooding in...

March 4th 2000
McLibel: Do-It-Yourself Justice
By McLibel Defendant Dave Morris. (Updated November 1999).

March 3rd 2000
Media Moghul Ate My Hamster!
or Why The Media Sucks, London Greenpeace Leaflet

March 3rd 2000
Quarterpounder stays on the menu despite EU rules
Press Cutting, Reuters. McDonald's Corp on Friday dismissed a press report that bureaucrats had threatened to ban its famous Quarterpounder burger on grounds the name contravened new EU metrication rules.

February 28th 2000
Couple sue McDonald's over 'milkshake assault'
Press Cutting, Telegraph newspaper. A couple who claim that they were assaulted by staff at a McDonald's restaurant after they complained that a milkshake was unsatisfactory are suing the hamburger chain for 60 million.

February 16th 2000
McSpotlight Quiz Results Now In
After wading through almost 1000 entries we are proud, nay tearful, to announce the winners of our birthday quiz.

January 27th 2000
Fast food to get faster in California
Press Cutting, Reuters. Fast food is about to get faster in southern California, where the car is king, hamburgers are considered heavenly, and speed is of the essence.

January 1st 2000
Big Macs, small horizons
Press Cutting, Guardian newspaper (UK). America isn't beautiful - and that's thanks largely to an avaricious clown who is the spirit of the new millennium

January 1st 2000
McLibel Mailing List Back
The hibernating e-mailing list has been given a vigorous rub down and a small glass of brandy and is now returning to the fray. Subscribe straight away from the link above.

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