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8 November 1999: Anti-McDonald's Campaign News Update

    The 15th annual Worldwide Anti- McDonald's Day was on Saturday October 16th - a protest against the promotion of junk food, the unethical targeting of children, exploitation of workers, animal cruelty, damage to the environment and the global domination of corporations over our lives. 
19 October 1999: Campaign Successes, Harrow
    A Brief History leading to the Council's decision to turn down McDonalds application for a drive through at Shaftesbury Circle, Harrow, Middlesex, W. London 
18 October 1999: The Tamworth Nine
    (Or how runaway cows are following in Butch and Sundance's trottersteps
    Daily Mail, UK
10 October 1999: Ronald McDonald Supports PETA
    Letter in the New Mexico Alibi from Geoffrey Juliano, the original Ronald McDonald
10 October 1999: McDonald's Children's Ads Ban Bid - You Can Help
    Support the Campaign to get McDonald's Exploitative Advertising to Children Banned by the Independent Television Commission (including standard letter to the ITC)
2 October 1999: 'Ronald McDonald' and Children
    The Truth In McDonald's Own Words - McLibel Support Campaign Statement 
2 October 1999: 25 Years of McGarbage
    Protesters turn out to mark the 25th anniversary of the opening of McDonalds' first store in Woolwich, SE London.
26 September 1999: McLibel documentary takes Australia by storm
    A four-week tour downunder has turned into a media frenzy as 'McLibel' director Franny Armstrong launches the film's first proper cinema releases (in Sydney and Melbourne) and turns up on every chat show going. The tabloids give the film a record four stars and the broadsheets call it "an often hilarious exposé of big-business arrogance". 
17 September 1999: Anti-McDonald's Day - October 16th
    It's that time of year again folks: The 15th annual Worldwide Anti-McDonald's Day is approaching on Saturday October 16th. 
16 September 1999: PETA US/UK Ad Bans Controversy
    Peta's ads targetting Ronald McDonald as 'America's #1 Serial Killer were planned for display in the UK in November. However, the UK advertising industry has caused controversy by banning them, even before they were submitted. 
6 September 1999: PETA launches Anti-McDonald's campaign
    Following the 1997 McLibel High Court verdict, in which the Judge ruled that McDonald's are 'culpably responsible' for cruelty to animals, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have spent two years in talks with the company. Last month negotiations finally broke down when it became clear that McD's were interested solely in public relations, not changing their cruel practices. PETA have responded by launching a high-profile campaign featuring billboard ads, posters, bumper stickers, t-shirts and a call to action from the public.
10 August 1999: Fast-Food Nation: The True Cost of America's Diet
    An epic, must-read article from Rolling Stone examining the dark underbelly of the fast food industry, by award-winning journalist Eric Schlosser.

2 July 1999: McDonald's Activists Seek Appeal

    Associated Press, London

1 July 1999: McLibel Duo Petition House of Lords

    The McLibel defendants lodged a 43 point Petition and 1,200 pages of supporting documentation at the Houses of Parliament today ...

23 June 1999: McDonald's in Russia clashes with union-hungry workers

    MOSCOW (AP) -- Natalya Gracheva is giving McDonald's heartburn

18 June 1999: Day of protest & party in financial centres across the globe

10 June 1999: McDonald's UK Fined £10,000 Over Sewage-in-Kitchen Incident

    From the London METRO Daily
19 May 1999: But What About the (chocolate) Flake?

    Re: McDonald's and Alleged Unfair Dismissal

22nd April 1999: Walthamstow Planning Permission Decision
on 5th May

    Please come to show your opposition to the proposed McDonald's Drive-Thru in the Station Car Park

19th April 1999: DIY Justice - Some Thoughts

    by Dave Morris, McLibel Defendant

19th April 1999: McDonald's and Schools

    Inviting the McWolf into the Fold
    by Dave Morris, McLibel Defendant

14th April 1999: Anti-McDonald's Happening Planned in Finland

31st March 1999: Activists Win Some Vs. McDonald's

    Associated Press, 31st March 1999

26th March 1999: More Biotic Baking Brigade Antics

    Gay Nuns "Cream" Homophobic Reverend, Minnesota Governor Gets Dessert Upside the Head, BBB 'Entartes' Mad Scientist in New England, Corporate-Friendly Enviro Pied at Conference, Caveat Pie: Creamophobia in San Francisco, Animal Abuser Exec Receives A Tart Treat

25th March 1999: "McBurger Off!" Campaign Update

    Two Year Anniversary Celebration Set for April 29th

25th March 1999: McLibel, By Senator Andrew Bartlett

    Australian Democrats spokesperson on the environment and animal welfare

23rd March 1999: Hinchley Wood, Surrey, UK

    Residents Celebrate 100 Days in Occupation of Proposed McDonald's Site

22nd March: Polski McSpotlight Launched

    (includes information about tobacco companies).

3rd March: David Briars: An Obituary From His Family

24th February 1999: Biotic Baking Brigade

    Outrage As 3 Cherry Pie San Francisco Activists Jailed

19th February 1999: Appeal Update

18th February 1999: Merseyside Opposition to McDonald's

    Parents Fight Proposed McD's Opposite Primary School

17th February 1999: Fixed McTour of McDonalds.Com

    It's only taken a year and a half to slap back into shape but hey we're 3 years old today!! Why not wish McSpotlight a Happy Birthday!!

1st February 1999: Appeal Update

    Diary of Weeks 1 & 2 as well as the Summary of Appeal Points. Keep up to date with court proceedings with these reports straight from the courtroom

15th January 1999: Live Debate

    Two-hour live internet debate on McSpotlight: Dave Morris, McLibel defendant, as well as other guests including the maker of the 'McLibel' documentary, McSpotlight volunteers and Vegies took part in a two-hour live internet debate on McSpotlight.

12th January 1999: Appeal Documents

10th January 1999: Fries, damned fries ...

    Hold on a minute ... By Nick Cohen in the The Observer (UK)

14th December 1998: Proposed New McDonald's Site Occupied in Surrey

    2500 Local Residents Say NO To McDonald's!

8th December 1998: Former worker's web site leads to a lawsuit - first case of its kind

    From the Financial Post

16th October 1998: Essential events: World Anti-McDonald's Day

    From the Big Issue, 12-18th October 1998

12th October 1998: Imagine. 18 June 1999

    A proposal for a day of carnival, protest and action in financial centres across the globe on 18th June 1999. From London Greenpeace and others.

12th and 16th October 1998: Worldwide Protests Against McDonalds

    Reports from activists around the world.

9th October 1998: Inviting the McWolf into the fold

    McLibel defendant Dave Morris examines the recent move allowing Big Business into schools.

8th October 1998: Writing On The Wall For UK Libel Laws?

    Letter to the Guardian from Dave Morris, McLibel Defendant

17th September 1998: McLibel 2 Sue Met Police Commissioner

    Press release from the McLibel Support Campaign

12th September 1998: McExploitation of Kids with McToys in Hong Kong

    Legislators Warn On Burger Drive, The South China Morning Post

11st September 1998: McDonald's free celebration, Australia

    Catalyst presents a collide-o-scopic evening of festivities marking the non-arrival of McDonald's in their town. McLibel documentary, food, music, internet. Thurs 8th Oct. Enmore, Australia.

22nd August 1998: Historic First Ever Union Victory for Workers
    McDonald's Certifies: Vancouver, Canada

18th August 1998: McLibel Mailing List to Change Hands
    McLibel Support Campaign press release.

29th July 1998: The Suppression Of The Two McLibel Films

    Media Suppression of the Channel 4 'McLibel' Dramatisation and the 'McLibel' Documentary - the role of the media, and why the films must be widely shown

29th July 1998: McLibel Pre-Appeal Controversies
Update from the McLibel Support Campaign following the hearing on 27th July 1998

28th July 1998: McLibel case now a McPaper war

    LONDON - Call it McLibel, part two. From the Waikato Times, NZ

27th July 1998: McLibel Back In Court - Appeal Controvery

    Legal Aid refused - Huge Costs May Lead To Historic Appeal Being Struck Out - Liberty Backs Appeal

22nd July 1998: Mass Protests in Turkey Against New McDonald's Store

    MCDONALD'S WILL BE THROWN OUT OF METU (Middle East Technical University)

21st July 1998: UK Civil Liberty Group: Support For McLibel Appeal

    On 21st July 1998 Liberty Announced Their Support For The McLibel Appeal

15th July 1998: McDonald's Enlightens Employees About Unions

4th July 1998: The McAppeal Legal Issues Here is information about the coming Appeal ...

3rd July 1998: McLibel Appeal Controversy The McLibel saga continues...

30th June 1998: McLibel Appeal Preliminary Hearing Postponed

26 June 1998: McWorld Cup, Saturday, 11th July 1998

19th June 1998: McLibel 2 Bury Suppressed Documentary Time Capsule

19th June 1998: Letter to Guardian - McLibel Film

    from McLibel Defendants Dave Morris and Helen Steel

19th June 1998: Why won't British TV show a film about McLibel?
    Is it really so dangerous? Or are broadcasters cowards?

19th/20th June 1998: McLibel Anniversary Days Of Action

    One Year After The Verdict, and the Two Worlds Continue To Collide...

18th June 1998: McHeadquarters Layoffs!

15 June 1998: Banned McLibel documentary fights back

12 June 1998: Reclaiming Our Lives And Our World from London Greenpeace

    - how can people make it happen? Some notes and thoughts on what is possible....

3rd June 1998: Bermuda Succeeds In Outlawing McDonald's!

16th May 1998: McDonald's Video Game & Virgin Cola (Richard Branson)

2nd May 1998: Massive mobilisation in India against the World Trade Organisation

28th April 1998: Comments on McVeggie Burger ...

    McDonald's Strategy and Food Quality

23rd April 1998: McDonald's ordered to use non disposable crockery, utensils etc., in Australia.

18th April 1998: McDonald's strike in Macedonia Ohio USA

    (including "The Ballad of Macedon-i-o" by Deborah Van Kleef).

18th April 1998: What's Wrong With The Body Shop FAQ

16th April 1998: Body Shop PR Strategey Spreads...To McDonald's by Kat Burke

16th April 1998: Did Somebody Say SHUT DOWN McDonalds?

    Student activists battle corporate giants for rights to speak freely on campus

14th April 1998: NUS Withdraws From McDonald's 'Privilege Card' Scheme

    Motion passed at NUS Conference condemning McDonald's for its exploitative practices

5th April 1998: Spring Mailing (1) - Supporter's Letter - Spring 1998

5th April 1998: Spring Mailing (2) - CD and Book - Ordering details from UK

30th March 1998: Gandalf Three Freed on Bail!!The Gandalf Three were unexpectedly released on bail on Friday 27th March...

27th March 1998: Victory Against McDonald's in Slough

16th March 1998: New Campaign: "What's Wrong With the Body Shop?"

16th March 1998: Leaflet: What's Wrong With the Body Shop? Part 1 of 2

16th March 1998: Leaflet: What's Wrong With the Body Shop? Part 2 of 2

7th March 1998: Spontaneous Uprising Against McDonald's Successful!

21st February 1998: Ronald McDonald Burned in Effigy at McDonalds Protest

    At 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 18, six members of IRATE gathered outside of the new McDonalds restaurant in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island...

17th February 1998: Canadian union drive forces closure of local store...

    ... although the owner claims it was simply due to bad location. The store was poised to be the first organised in Canada.

16th February 1998: Happy Birthday McSpotlight. Two years old today.

13th February 1998: McDonald's Closes Unionized Franchise

    ...Quebec, Canada

25th January 1998: UK Football League and McDonald's Unite to 'Exploit' Children -

    Launch of Campaign to Kick McDonald's out of Football

25th January 1998: McDonald's Continue to Deceive Their Customers -

    in defiance of UK High Court Ruling.

23rd January 1998: Oprah versus the hamburgers

    McLibel witness Howard Lyman and talk show host Oprah Winfrey stand accused of libelling hamburgers.The trial attracts massive media attention in the US.

21st January 1998: McDonald's Manipulation Of The Media...
    ... Bob Carter, a US author and travel journalist, sent a letter to McDonald'sCorporation requesting information...

8th January 1998: Resistance Grows to UK Jailings of Radical Journalists

    A Call To Action / Report of LGSC Launch Meeting

2nd January 1998: The Fat-Filled Fast-Food Fry Wars...

    ... McDonald's unhealthy food deteriorates further.

9th December 1997: McLibel documentary

23rd November 1997: McLibel book
    Ordering details for John Vidal's book about the McLibel Trial. Now available in paperback for 4 pounds and as a special US edition.

21st November 1997: Gandalf Three jailed for three years

    Trial report, petition and campaign about the three magazine editors imprisoned for reporting environmental and animal rights actions.

27th October 1997: half the McLibel Two

25th October 1997: major structural work completed

    In preparation for the definitive version of McSpotlight (the upcoming CD-ROM) we've been oh so busy redoing the site: check out the new Beyond McDonald's, Kids and Issues pages.

13th October 1997: press backgrounder

9th October 1997: McLibel pages redone

    The section of the site devoted to the McLibel Trial has finally been overhauled and sorted out. Should now be each easier to find exactly how many witnesses appeared, that particularly amusing courtroom exchange or what Richard Rampton prefers for breakfast. (Sorry, this section is not going to be on the mirror sites till we sort out a way of uploading more than one file at a time!)

4th October 1997: McLibel 2 go Stateside

    Helen and Dave are off on a week's promotional trip in America. Signing books, speaking to packed-out stadiums, that kind of thing. Plenty of opportunities to go along and say hello or throw tomatoes.

29th September 1997: Campaigns

26th September 1997: Media pages

7th September 1997: Appeal

28th August 1997: Press Update ... Press avalanche:

August 1997 - Exclusive interviews

31st July 1997- Press release

31st July 1997 - Press update

29th July 1997 - Campaign update

19th July 1997- Campaign update

14th July 1997- Interviews

    Friends of the Earth Director - Charles Secrett - puts McDonald's in the McSpotlight

15th July 1997- Company update

14th July - Interviews

9th July 97 - Interviews

9th July 97 - Media Update

4th July 97 - Media Update (Press backlog to clear)

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