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In 1996 McDonald's opened in India for the first time: a country where the majority of the population is vegetarian and the cow is sacred. Just one example of the inexorable spread of western multinationals into every corner of the globe. A spread which is creating a globalised system in which wealth is drained out of local economies into the hands of a very few, very rich elite.

Can people challenge the undermining of long-lived and stable cultures, and regional diversity? Self-sufficient and sustainable farming is replaced by cash crops and agribusiness under control of multinationals - but how are people fighting back?

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A Brief History of McDonald's
McDonald's Unmasked - McDonald's global ambitions (May 1996)
McDonald's 'Strategies For Global Dominance' (May 1996)
Here's The Beef - South Africa (June 1996)
Another Good Thing About Barbados (June 1996)
McDonald's Try to Rape Bermuda (March 1996)
Residents don't relish site chosen by McDonald's - USA (March 1996)
The Price of Peace - Croatia (February 1996)
Update On McDonald's Hospital Opening

McDonald's publications
What A Year (March 1995)
Why This Ad Was Out Of Date ..... (December 1995)
McDonald's To Accelerate Growth Rate (January 1996)
McDonald's Profits Up 15% (1995)
Annual Reviews (1993 and 1994)
McFact Cards - Worldwide Overview
Growing Up Together (expansion into schools)
Activity School Pack

press articles
Index of press cuttings
Red Cross Loses NHS cafe to McDonald's
McDonald's Teaching Aid Is 'Brainwashing'
McDonald's Outlets in Delhi, Mumbai March 1996
Big Mac Pays Out 283m. for Foothold in Pizza Land - Expansion into Italy(March 1996)
A Burger For Spying Eyes
Burger Bribery
Reading, Writing, McDonald's
Children Told - Come To School and Win a Burger
Kentucky Fried Chicken Protests in IndiaEcologist, Nov/Dec 95
McDonald's Can Smell Success in China Asian Wall Street Journal; 3rd Dec 95
McDonald's To Accelerate Growth Rate Wall Street Journal, Jan 22, 95
McDonald's Expansion Plans ARC News, March 96
McDonald's Try To 'Rape' Bermuda Reuters; March 96
McDonald's Plans India Debut Soon McDonald's Outlets in Delhi and MumbaiIndian Times; 27th March 96
Mc China A and M, International News, Sept 95
McDonald's coming to Banska Bystrica SLOVAK, July 19 - 1 August 95
Big Mac Has Big Plans (India) Sunday MID-DAY, 30 July 95
Will a Big Mac sign rise at Stonehenge?Mail on Sunday; 14th July 96
Burger Off McDonald's, Says ChingfordWaltham Forest Independent; 31st June 96
Economic Times; 5th Sept 96; India
McDonald's - Why All the Fuss? Mid-Mountains Village Views; Vol.1 No.4 96; Australia
McDonald's Opens In 99th Country With First Restaurant In Dominican Republic PR News (source: McDonald's Corp.); 2 Dec 96
McDonald's wins right to use name in Jamaica Reuters; 21 Dec 96
McDonald's to open opposite cathedral The Daily Telegraph; Monday May 5th 1997
Kentucky Fried Chicken Protests in India Ecologist, Nov/Dec 95
Parallel Worlds Fight For The GlobeGuardian, 11 Nov 95
The McDonald's Classroom Grant Program McDonald's; 5th Mar 1997
DDB Wins Another McDonald Deal AdNews Online Daily; 12th Feb 1997
Local 420 to rally against contracting out of Elmhurst Hospital employee cafeteria to McDonald'sBusiness Wire; 5th Mar 1997
McDonald's To Serve Athletes At 1998 Olympic Winter Games

Vandana Shiva, Indian ecologist
Mike Mansfield, leading UK barrister
Dave Morris, defendant in McLibel case
Helen Steel, defendant in McLibel case

KFC Protests In India
McDonald's vs McDonald's (expansion into Jamaica)
Legal wrangles in Jamaica case
Glastonbury (UK)
Port Washington (USA)
Shoreham (UK)
Penzance (UK)
Paris (UK)

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