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McDonald's spend over two billion dollars each year on advertising: the Golden Arches are now more recognised than the Christian Cross. Using collectable toys, television adverts, promotional schemes in schools and figures such as Ronald McDonald the company bombards their main target group: children. Many parents object strongly to the influence this has over their own children.

McDonald's argue that their advertising is no worse than anyone else's and that they adhere to all the advertising codes in each country. But others argue it still amounts to cynical exploitation of children - some consumer organisations are calling for a ban on advertising to children. Why do McDonald's sponsor so many school events and learning programmes? Are their Children's Charities genuine philanthropy or is there a more explicit publicity and profit motive?


McDonald's case
McDonald's QC's opening speech in the McLibel Trial
McFact Cards - detailed information about the business

Defendants' case
Opening speech in the McLibel Trial
Defence on advertising.
Analysis of evidence heard in court

McLibel judgement
The verdict on advertising
Defendants' analysis of the verdict

NB. See the McLibel pages for more on the trial, or the
daily transcripts for the evidence heard in court.

McLibel witnesses
Complete list of witnesses
DF - S. Dibb, National Food Alliance - CHILDREN, UNETHICAL
DF - S. Gardener, Asst. Attorney Gen, Texas - DECEPTIVE
DF - J. Gellatley, educationalist - FOOD INDUSTRY, CHILDREN
DF - G. Guiliano, ex-Ronald clown. EFFECTS ON CHILDREN
DF - A. Mitchell, linguist - WORDING OF FACTSHEET
DF - P. Cox, writer & researcher - UNETHICAL MARKETING
PL - K. Miles, Inc. Soc. of British Advertisers - DG & CE
PL=Plaintiffs' (McDonald's), DF=Defence (Morris & Steel)

press articles
Index of press cuttings
McDonald's 'Exploiting Children'
Reading, Writing and McDonald's
A Burger and Fries for Class Spying Eyes
Children Told - 'Come To School and Win A Burger'
McDonald's Teaching Aid Is Brainwahing
Primary School Kids Being Bribed To Grass On School Vandals
McDonald's 'Exploiting Children'
Reading, Writing and McDonald's
A Burger and Fries for Class Spying Eyes
Children Told - 'Come To School and Win A Burger'
McDonald's Teaching Aid Is Brainwahing
Reading, writing, McDonald's Daily Post North Wales; 12 Dec 12 94
Burger bribery London Tonight, 15 Feb 95
Doctors Say McDonald's Lies in Kids Promotion
Kelloggs / McDonald's Link Up 15th Sept 96; USA
Learning The Value of a Burger The Independent (UK); 19 Dec 96
Fears over McDonald's school sponsorship deal Sydney Morning Herald; 13th Dec 96
Dairy Queen Targets Teens Toronto Globe and Mail; 7th Feb 1997
Battle of the Coco Pops Guardian; 27 Jan 97
Advertising to children - UK the worst in Europe Food Magazine; Jan/Feb 97
Minneapolis Advertising Agency Quits McDonald's Corp.s Account Tribune Business News; 1st Feb 1997
McDonald's targets rivals French Fries through TV adMcDonald's resort to 'negative' advertising. The Economic Times Mumbai Thursday 3 April 1997
Olympic rings better-known than McDonald's arches. Orlando Business Journal (USA); April 12th, 96
Lessons With a Logo 'Tainted By Advertising'. Independent, 24th May 96
National Food Alliancecalls for government review of food advertising after McLibel ruling

special reports
McDonald's charitable activity
McDonald's hijack McLibel defendant's local community fete.

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books and reports
Responsible Food Advertising - The National Food Alliance

Sue Dibb, Co-Director, Food Commission
G. Giuliano, ex Ronald McDonald actor
Ronald McDonald, the real thing
S. Gardner, Asst. Attorney Gen, Texas

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