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There are clearly lots of people opposed to the way McDonald's go about their business. So there is a big global debate going on about them right? Wrong.

McDonald's know full well how important their public image is and how damaging it would be to them if any of the allegations started becoming well-known amongst their customers. So they use their financial clout to influence the media, and legal powers to intimidate people into not speaking out, directly threatening free speech. The list of media organisations who have been sued in the past is daunting, and the number of publications suppressed or pulped is frightening. But what are the lessons of the successful and ever-growing anti-McDonald's campaign for those also determined to challenge those institutions which currently dominate society?

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McDonald's other lawsuits
The Guardian
Channel 4
"Nature" programme (BBC)
TIC, "Working for Big Mac" booklet
The Vegetarian Society, "Greenscene" magazine
News UK (The Today)
The Bournemouth Advertiser
"Real Neat MacBurgers", play
Home Ecology
Vegan Action (against t-shirt makers)
Polish publishing house
Australian leaflet
press articles
Index of press cuttings
McDonald's 'Used Police Sources' In Libel CaseIndependent; 12th June 96
Writ Large Guardian, 5 Dec 95
CENSORSHIP FOR HIRE Living Marxism; May 1997
Fast food: slow justice The Guardian (UK); 8th May 1997
Corner shop faces McDonald's writ Times; 24 Sept 96
McDonald's wins trademark battle in South Africa. Jet; 23 Sept 96
Clan Warfare Threatens Litigious Burger ChainPress and Journal; 28 Sept 96; Scotland
How to tell it to the judge Independent, 23 August 95
LETTER : Justice is a right, not a commodity Independent, 26 August 95
British Coal Libel Claim Thrown Out Guardian; 29th June 96
Ministers Lose Right To Sue For Libel Times; 29th June 96
Law That Muddles Truth and Fiction Guardian; 29th April 96
McSued In Malaysia ..... Malayan Journal, 29th Sept 95
Jeremy Corbyn, British Labour MP Mike Mansfield, leading UK barrister
Keir Starmer, Defendants' legal advisor
Dave Morris, defendant in McLibel case
Helen Steel, defendant in McLibel case

books and reports
Legal Intimidation: McLibel Chapters 5 & 6 by Fiona Donson in Free Association Books
McLibel: A Case Study in English Defamation Law by Marlene Arnold Nicholson in Wisconsin International Law Journal
legal issues from McLibel trial
No jury
No legal aid
Longest civil case in British history
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Reforming Defamation Law and Procedure - Chancellor's Office  

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