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March 2002 . Vol. 59, No. 2 . The Lamp (Magazine of NSW Nursing Assocation) . Sydney, AUSTRALIA  
McDonalds Struck off the Menu at RPA (Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Camperdown, Sydney)  
An application for McDonalds to build restaurants at RPA Hospital has been rejected by South Sydney Council, despite support from Central Sydney Area Health.  

The application, which would allow the restaurant to be built next to the hospital's entrance on Missenden Rd. was strongly opposed by doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, concerned that it would send the wrong message to patients.

Greens councillor, Amanda Lennon said of the proposal "I am taken aback to recieve a letter from the health service in support of a McDonald's restaurant" she said "to say that McDonald's food is good for children is staggering."

A spokesperson for South Sydney Council said that the application was refused because of concerns about noise and the amount of traffic the restaurant would attract.  
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