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Newspaper, magazine and internet articles which don't quite fit into the other categories, but which are still kind of relevant, are listed here. For stuff on McDonald's, McLibel, McSpotlight or Anti-McDonald's campaigns, please use the 'related links' or search options below.

The press cuttings date back to 1994 and are arranged in chronological order with the most recent first. Please forward any relevant articles to and we'll put them up.

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The Tamworth Nine
Or how runaway cows are following in Butch and Sundance's trottersteps.
Daily Mail, 18 October 1999

More Biotic Baking Brigate Antics 26 March 1999

  • Gay Nuns "Cream" Homophobic Reverend
  • Minnesota Governor Gets Dessert Upside the Head
  • BBB 'Entartes' Mad Scientist in New England
  • Corporate-Friendly Enviro Pied at Conference
  • Caveat Pie: Creamophobia in San Francisco
  • Animal Abuser Exec Receives A Tart Treat

    Outrage As 3 Cherry Pie San Francisco Activists JailedReports of the Biotic Baking Brigade, 24th February 1999

    Three UK magazine editors jailedReport of the 'Gandalf' trial in which three editors were imprisoned for reporting environmental and animal rights actions.
    Report by McLibel Support Campaign

    Cheap burgers in paradise - History of the hamburgerWhatever its price, the hamburger is truly an All-American favorite.
    Nation's Restaurant News;

    Dairy Queen Targets TeensOther rivals, such as McDonald's, target baby boomers and their children.
    Toronto Globe and Mail; 7th Feb 1997

    Dalgety Dogged by Pedigree Problems and BSE CrisisNot been helped by the slowdown in like-for-like sales at McDonald's outlets.
    The Independent; 11th Feb 1997

    Battle of the Coco PopsKids have become a lucrative marketing niche with products targeted entirely at them.
    Guardian; 27 Jan 97

    Advertising to children - UK the worst in EuropeChildren around the world are bombarded with televisionadvertisements telling them bad food is good.
    Food Magainze; Jan/Feb 97

    London company in dirty deal shockBritish Petroleum linked to Columbian death squads
    Ignite #1; 10th Dec 96; London

    Shell police accused of tortureThe story about Shell Oil that The Times would not print.
    Ignite #1; 10th Dec 96; London

    Canada: All Mouth and No FutureThe changing face of the media. Reference to the McLibel and internet coverage.
    The Guardian (UK); 9 Dec 96

    Interview with Arsene Wenger, the new manager at Arsenal Football ClubManager derides the effect of the McDonald's diet.
    Evening Standard; 18 Oct 96

    The Business of Applying PressureHow pressure groups are now expert at getting support from the media
    PR Week; 4th Oct 96

    Companies face increasing rows over how to choose worker representativesMcDonald's 'Workers Forum' denounced as 'example of single minded hostility'
    Sunday Observer; 15th Sept 96

    British Coal Libel Claim Thrown OutA libel action against the NUM thrown out of court.
    Guardian; 29th June 96

    Ministers Lose Right To Sue For LibelPossible ramifications of the British Coal vs NUM libel action.
    Times; 29th June 96

    Bus Driver Suspended For Refusing To Hurt A CowBus driver is suspended over burger vouchers
    Los Angeles Times; 6th June 96, USA

    Anarchy Puts Its House In OrderDetails of the Hackney Anarchy week
    Observer; 26th May 96

    Lessons With a Logo 'Tainted By Advertising'.Businesses attempts to infiltrate schools with learning packs
    Independent, 24th May 96

    NetTimers: Report from AmsterdamNetAvism in Holland - including McSpotlight
    Amsterdam; 20th May 96, Netherlands

    Law That Muddles Truth and FictionInadequacies and biased nature of libel laws in the UK.
    Guardian; 29th April 96

    Southampton Campaigner Wins Unlawful Arrest CaseAnti-McD protestor wins case after 2 year struggle.
    Southampton; 19th April 96

    Culture Jammers of the YEARHelen and Dave are voted to be Culture Trial McNuggets!
    Adbusters Magazine, Spring 96

    Olympic rings better-known than McDonald's arches.McDonald's come second only to the Olympic rings in worldwide recognition
    Orlando Business Journal (USA); April 12th, 96

    Stop Eating Beef, says Consumer AssociationGiving yet another warning over the safety of beef
    PA News Agency; 22nd March

    When It's A Case Of Do-It-Your-Self JusticeUses McLibel as an example of how to defend yourself in court
    Independent ; 20th March 96

    Vigilantes Stir Firms' Ire With Cyber AnticsFront page feature about so-called 'cripe sites', including McSpotlight
    USA Today, 28 Feb 96

    The Mad Cow DeceitUK Government and the BSE scandal
    Daily Express, 18 Feb 96

    Kentucky Fried Chicken Protests in IndiaShort report on anti-KFC activities in Bharat
    Ecologist, Nov/Dec 95

    Parallel Worlds Fight For The GlobeLong article on Management Summit '95 and the protests outside
    Guardian, 11 Nov 95

    How to tell it to the judgeArticle on litigants in person
    Independent, 23 August 95

    In The Land Of French Fries, Study Finds ProblemsLong article on problems of trying to create uniformity
    New York Times, 7 Feb 94