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press releases & statements  
This page lists press releases and statements relating to the McLibel Trial, McDonald's and anti-McDonald's campaigning. They come mainly from the McLibel Support Campaign and McDonald's.


McLibel Support Campaign  

Anti-McDonald's Campaign News, November 1999

Ronald McDonald and Children - The Truth In McDonald's Own Words, 2 October 1999

Updated Summer Mailing, September 1999

McLibel Duo Petition House Of Lords, 1 July 1999

Supporters Letter, May/ June 1999 , May 1999

What can be learned from McLibel? , May 1999

Ronald In The City. J18 Anti-McDonald's Protest , May 1997

McLibel Appeal - More McAgony For The Fast Food Giant, March 1999

McLibel Appeal Verdict 31st March, 25 March 1999

McLibel Appeal Begins 12th January, 6th January 1999

Proposed New McDonald's Site Occupied in Kingston, 14th December 1998

Writing On The Wall For Libel Laws?, 8th October 1998

McLibel 2 Sue Metropolitan Police, 17 September 1998

McLibel Back In Court for Appeal - and Controversies, 27th July 1998

McLibel Appeal Controversy, 3rd July 1998

Summary of the McLibel Appeal Points, 4th July 1998

McDonald's Enlightens Employees About Unions, 15th July 1998

McLibel Appeal Preliminary Hearing Postponed, 30th June 1998

Activist Groups Invited to Participate in 'McWorld Cup', 26th June 1998

McLibel Anniversary Days Of Action - 19th/20th June 1998, 18 June 1998

'McLibel 2' Bury Suppressed Documentary in Sealed time Capsule at Secret Location at McDonald's HQ, 19th June 1998

McSpotlight CD-Rom and McLibel Book Now Available, 5th April 1998

NUS Withdraws From McDonald's 'Privilege Card' Scheme, 14th April 1998

Oprah's Lawsuit Update, 22nd Jan 1998

McDonald's Continue to Deceive Customers in defiance of UK High Court Ruling, 25th Jan 1998

UK Football League and McDonald's Unite to 'Exploit' Children. Launch of Campaign to Kick McDonald's out of Football, 26th Jan 1998

McLibel Victory!! Censorship Defeated, 18 July 1997

McLibel Verdict & Evidence. An analysis of the McLibel outcome & Judgement, July 1997

Open letter from the McLibel Two, 26th June 1997

Substantial And Significant Parts of McLibel Case Won By The Defendants, 20th June 1997

McLibel Verdict handed down.. campaign unstoppable, 19th June 1997

McLibel Verdict Expected 19th June 1997, 12th June 1997

Verdict approaches for McLibel: Longest ever English trial, 26th March 1997

Closing Speeches Start in McLibel Trial, 14th October 1998

McLibel Trial Breaks All British Legal Records, 29th October 1996

McLibel to be longest trial in UK history, 29th Oct 96

Defendents statement to activists, 17th Oct 1996

Closing Speeches start in McLibel Trial, 14th Oct 1996

McLibel; 2nd Anniversary, 28th June 1996

Mr Big Mac to be grilled by the McLibel Two, 1st May 1996

Burger giant outmanoeuvered and exposed by online critics, 1st May 1996

McDonald's and BSE, The Facts, 23rd March 1996

Rainforest section commences, February 1996

McSpotlight launch, 16th February 1996

McLibel; 1st Anniversary, 28th June 1995

No jury and no legal aid, 25th March 94, 29th April 95

London Greenpeace  
London Greenpeace Launches New Campaign: 'What's Wrong With The Body Shop?' - A Criticism of 'Green' Consumerism", 16th March 1998

FAQ re: 'What's Wrong With The Body Shop?', 18th April 1998

Dave Morris  
Ronald McDonald Ad Ban Bid - You Can Help Call to help new campaign, by Dave Morris, April 1999 DIY Justice, Some Thoughts. By Dave Morris, April 1999

McDonald's and Schools: Inviting the McWolf Into the Fold, 9th October 1998

Letter: Justice Is A Right, Not A Commodity
Letter From Dave Morris, Independent, 26 August 95

Verdict Day release, 19.6.97

Other Campaigning Groups  
McLibel Mailing List to Change Hands,From David Briars, 18th August 1998

David Briars - An Obituary From His Family,

National Food Alliance press release
The NFA calls for government review of food advertising after McLibel ruling , National Food Alliance, 17 July 1997

Press Release from the Guardians of the Clan Donald
Ronald McDonald appointed Sergeant-Major at Arms of the Guardians of Clan Donald , Clan Donald, Jan 1997

Union Slams "Greedy" McDonald's
Press release from Britains General Union regarding low pay, GMB, 26th Sept 96

Resistance Grows to UK Jailings of Radical Journalists, 8 Jan 1998

UK Civil Liberty Group: Support For McLibel Appeal, 21st July 1998

Gandalf Three Freed on Bail!!, 30th March 1998