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  • The McLibel Trial:

    McLibel : Burger Culture on Trial
    by John Vidal
    The McLibel trial, the McDonald's approach and the unaccountable power of multinationals corporations. (It's nearly as good as McSpotlight! )
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Future Active : Media Activism and the Internet
    by Graham Meikle
    'Future Active' is an exploration of the widening field of internet activism, of the key players and their ideas, and of the tactics and technologies that inspire them. The internet has enabled unprecedented global commerce and helped create new oligopolies - but it has also mobilised millions of people locally and globally with very different visions of connected world communities. .


    Fast Food Nation - The Dark Side of the All-American Meal
    by Eric Schlosser
    A groundbreaking work of investigation and cultural history that may change the way American thinks about the way it eats.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.

    Big Mac - the Unauthorized Story of McDonald's
    by Max Boas and Steve Chain
    Mass production. Cheap labor. Uniform quality. Easy access. That's the basic formula for the terrifying success of Ray Kroc, a travelling salesman, and the McDonald's hamburger empire he started in 1954.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Out of print.

    The McDonaldization of Society
    by George Ritzer
    An investigation into the changing character of contemporary social life.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    McDonald's - Behind the Arches
    by John F. Love
    The authorized biography.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.


    Fast Food Facts
    by Tim Lobstein
    A compendium of the hidden secrets of fast food catering
    This book gives the facts that the companies keep to themselves. Here are the missing labels and the nutritional details. here, too, are the facts about working in the fast food industry and the new global empires being built by the fast food multinationals.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Diet for a New America
    by John Robbins
    How your food choices affect your health, happiness and the future of life on Earth.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.


    Working Lives In Catering
    by Yiannis Gabriel
    Yiannis Gabriel gives voice to some of the two million people who are employed in catering in Britain today, with his analysis of life inside eight very varied catering operations. Now available in paperback for the first time, his account will provide valuable material in a highly topical area. Working Lives in Catering will interest not only those studying organizations and management but also those working in catering and those intrigued by what goes on 'behind the kitchen door'.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.


    Beyond Beef
    by Jeremy Rifkin
    The Western world has a love affair with beef. But how many people are aware that the real costs of the cattle culture are animal suffering, global hunger and poverty, and environmental devastation?
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Pesticides, Policies and People
    by Peter Beaumont
    Is the present level of pesticide use sustainable?
    Synopsis and publisher's details.

    Hoofprints on the Forest
    by Douglas R. Shane
    Cattle ranching and the destruction of Latin America's tropical forests.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Chlorine, Pollution and the Parents of Tomorrow
    by Ann Link
    One million tonnes of elemental chlorine is produced each year in Britain. Its uses by industry vary enormously from the manufacture of PVC plastic to the production of solvents and organochlorine pesticides such as 2,4-D and Lindane.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Zum Beispiel SOJA
    by Siegfried Pater/ Boris Terpinc
    Synopsis and publisher's details.

    Animal Welfare:

    Chicken and Egg - Who Pays The Price?
    by Clare Druce
    A challenging and provocative examination of the modern-day poultry business.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Today's Poultry Industry - The Inside Story
    L'Elevage Industriel Des Volailles Aujord'hui - Souffrance Cachée
    by The Farm Animal Welfare Network and The National Society Against Factory Farming
    A hard hitting expose of the poultry industry.
    Full text and graphics.


    The Fountain at the Centre of the World
    by Robert Newman
    An epic novel about loss and hope, identity and belief, the story takes us, via container-crate and conference-suite, assassination and passport-theft, from refugee detention centre and Rio Bravo to the Seattle WTO protests.
    The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Truth About Corporate Cons, Globalization and High-Finance Fraudsters
    by Greg Palast
    This book contains Greg Palast's greatest hits, and that means some of the biggest stories and scandals in recent memory. The heart of the book is about the institutionalised economic criminal activity that is part and parcel of the politics of globalisation.
    No Logo - Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies
    by Naomi Klein
    Equal parts cultural analysis, mall-rat memoir, political manifesto and journalistic exposť, No Logo is the first book to attend the birth of the new resistance and the first to put this informed anarchy into pop-historical and clear economic perspective.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Captive State - The Corporate Takeover of Britain
    by George Monbiot
    George Monbiot seeks to uncover what many have suspected but few have been able to prove: that big business is taking over Britain.
    Synopsis and publisher's details.
    Reclaiming Capital - Democratic Initiatives and Community Development
    by Christopher Gunn & Hazel Dayton Gunn
    Towns without nationally advertised fast-food restaurants often eagerly await the day when the golden arches sprout next door to the local car dealership. But what really happens to a community with the arrival of the uni-burger?
    Synopsis and publisher's details.

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