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The London Greenpeace Factsheet (1986) - the 6-page leaflet at the centre of the trial.

Writ (1990) - the original document sent to 5 activists with London Greenpeace by McDonald's starting legal proceedings.

McDonald's Statement Of Claim (1990, amended 1994) - which parts of the factsheet McDonald's object to.

Application to European Court (1991) - to receive Legal Aid as a special case. Unsuccessful.

McDonald's 'liar' leaflet (1994) - 30,000 copies distributed in McDonald's stores on the eve of the trial (1994). Calls the defendants liars. Basis of counterclaim.

Defendants' Counterclaim (1994) - McDonald's call Helen and Dave liars, they countersue for libel.

McDonald's Defence to Counterclaim (1994)

Defendants' formal offer to drop their counterclaim (June 1994)

New pleading from McDonald's (April 1996) - Launch of McSpotlight used as evidence by McDonald's.

'McDonald's and Censorship' Early Day Motion (May 1994) - put to the UK Parliament by Jeremy Corbyn MP: "...this House opposes the routine use of libel writs as a form of censorship."

Action against Veggies (1987) - McDonald's earlier action against the same leaflet produced by a catering cooperative called Veggies (Nottingham 87). They accepted the text with a few changes.

Statement of support from the 3 ex-defendants (1994) - McDonald's originally sued 5 supporters of London Greenpeace, three apologised.