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The McSpotlight Quiz 2001 
Sorry, you're too late to enter our Grand Prize Draw and win a small pile of McLibel booty. But you can split your sides over the winning entries here or play the quiz with no hope of a prize below.

Just answer the 22 easy multiple choice questions below and hit 'enter quiz' at the bottom to display your score.

Unsubtle hint: try the McLibel evidence section.

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1. Which of the following have not been found in McDonald's food?
A nematode worm
Half a mouse
Rat poison
E. coli bacteria
2. According to McDonald's UK Vice-President, what are living conditions like for battery chickens laying eggs for Egg McMuffins?
"Tolerable "
"Pretty comfortable"
3. Which of these is NOT true about McDonald's, according to the McLibel judgement?
They exploit children with their advertising
They are responsible for cruelty to animals
They are responsible for creating litter
They pay low wages
They produce misleading advertising
4. How much did Helen and Dave owe to McDonald's at the end of the McLibel Trial?
60,000 pounds
14 million pounds
a round of drinks
5. And how much did they agree to pay?
All of it
All of it, in 10 pound installments over the next 43 years
6. According to McDonald's UK Vice-President, why is it environmentally friendly for McD's to produce mountains of disposable packaging and then dispose of it as landfill?
"... because little fluffy bunny rabbits can use the cartons for nest-building."
"... because otherwise you'd end up with lots of vast, empty gravel pits all over the country."
"... because the trees which are cut down to make the packaging disrupt our delicate ecosystem by producing oxygen."
7. What was McD's official estimate of the length of the McLibel trial, which lasted two and a half years and became the longest trial in English history?
3-4 weeks
2 years
a lifetime
8. According to McDonald's Senior Vice-President of Marketing, why is coca-cola nutritious?
Because it is "providing water, and I think that is part of a balanced diet"
Because it "contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy lifestyle"
Because it "doesn't contain as much fat as a Big Mac"
Because "I drink three cans a day and I'm still alive"
9. According to McDonald's President in Japan, how can Japanese people become tall, blond and white-skinned?
By eating "McDonald's hamburgers and potatoes for a thousand years."
By utilising the new McDonald's-sponsored invitro gene-replacement technique.
By "becoming crew members at McDonald's"
10. How many 'What's Wrong With McDonald's?' leaflets have been handed out worldwide since the writs were served on the McLibel 2, in 1990?
3 million in the UK, plus a million worldwide in 27 languages
11. Roughly how many accesses has McSpotlight had since it's launch in 1996?
12. Taking into consideration your answer from the previous two questions, would you say McD's attempt to stop the dissemination of critical information has been successful?
13. According to a McDonald's internal memo in 1986, what is the purpose of McD's advertising?
"To fairly reflect the true nature of our products, allowing the public to make an informed choice as to whether to make a purchase"
"To neutralise the junk-food misconceptions about McD's good food"
14. And according to McDonald's UK Marketing Services Manager?
"To warn children of the dangers of a high-fat, low fibre diet"
"To dominate the communications area and compete for a share of the customers mind"
15. How much of the used packaging collected over several years in a McD's instore scheme was recycled into such things as "plant pots, coat hangers and insulation material for use in homes", as trumpeted in national company McFact cards?
Less than 0.00003%
16. According to McDonald's UK Vice-President, why do McDonald's not have a nutrition department?
"It is not felt to be important enough to have a separate nutritional department like McDonald's have marketing or communications departments."
"Because the food we sell is not nutritious"
"We did have one, but they all mysteriously died from heart disease"
17. According to McDonald's expert witness on nutrition, what is junk food?
"A food high in saturated fat, sodium and sugar and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals"
"Whatever a person doesn't like"
"Anything with a little 'M' on the packaging."
18. According to McDonald's UK Chief Marketing Office, what is a key element of Free Speech in the UK?
"The right to criticise multinational companies"
"The right of ordinary people to freely express views about people or organisations influencing their daily lives, without the fear of a libel case."
19. What did the residents of Hinchley Wood, South London, do when their local pub was sold to McDonald's?
Rushed down the front of the queue to order the first Big Macs
Occupied the site (for 300 days so far)
Held a two-day 'McCelebration' in the town square
20. Which of the following activities are McDonald's workers who are trying to start a union allowed to do?
Collect subscriptions
Put up notices
Pass out leaflets
Organise staff meetings to discuss conditions at the store on the premises
Inform the union about conditions inside the stores
Shut up and work harder
21. What did Mike Love, McDonald's UK Head of Communications, work as before joining McD's?
Human guinea pig for chemical weapons
Primary school teacher, specialising in children with learning difficulties
Margaret Thatcher's Election Aide
22. And Dick Starmann, McDonald's Senior Vice-President? (Clue: he was one of two people sent from the US to hold secret settlement negotiations with Helen and Dave during the McLibel Trial)
Pest control officer
Tax inspector
Psychological warfare in the US military

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