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Adopt-a-Store - sign up to help leaflet every McD's store (UK only) after the McLibel Trial verdict.

McSpotlight Kit - upload McSpotlight onto your own pages, and ensure that this information continues to be circulated freely.

Anti-McDonald's Pledge - add your name to the thousands pledging to continue distributing Anti-McDonald's information whatever the verdict in the McLibel trial.

Leaflets - print off and circulate the 'What's Wrong With McDonald's' leaflets (available in at least 12 languages), and other similar leaflets.

McSpotlight mailing list - subscribe to this mailing list to keep up-to-date with all the McSpotlight news and events.

McLibel listserver - subscribe to this mailing list to receive regular updates of McLibel and the Anti-McDonald's campaign.

The Debating Room - join in the global debate about McDonald's and all they stand for in McSpotlight's own moderated discussion group.

Donations - make a donation to the McLibel case, to McSpotlight or to the McLibel documentary.