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The Oil Industry in the McSpotlight

The petroleum industry is described as the 'one of the world's least ethical industries' in a report by the Ethical Consumer Research Association.

In the ECRA report, taking into account corporate responsibility and enviromental impact, they recommend as 'overall best buys' (read 'lesser of the evils');- Murco (Murphy Oil Corp.), Anglo & Repsol (Repsol/Spanish State) and Q8 (Kuwaiti State).

Of course the only real ethical choice is not to use fossil fuel at all. Alternatives to fossil fuels include; electricity (when produced by non-polluting renewable sources), biofuels; Biodiesel, Ethanol (which do pollute), and, perhaps most promising, hydrogen. However the most practical ethical choices to make when considering transport are; walking, cycling or even shared or public transport.

Credits and References: Most of the information on this page was taken from the 'Ethical Consumer Guide to Everyday Shopping', and the ECRA product report on Petrol and Diesel.

Oil companies in the McSpotlight:

British Petroleum
Exxon/ Esso

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