Feedback from a land Down Under.

As the world and their dog knows, the documentary McLibel: Two Worlds Collide was recently shown by the Australian independent broadcaster SBS.

And lo, our mailbox went mad immediately afterwards; we got a huge and fuzzy tide of good wishes.

As a form of thankyou to everyone who was kind enough to send support, we've taken highlights from the hundreds of mails we received and given them a page of their own. If you recognize your contribution here, pat yourself on the back; we appreciated it enough to immortalise it on McSpot!

(And if you feel outraged that we've butchered your mail, or don't want us to post it here, drop us a line and we'll get rid of it pronto...)

Anyway, on to the stars of the show...

Thanks for restoring some faith in humanity, I'll make sure my daughter will visit your site when she's old enough to use the computer.


I have worked at McDonalds for 4 years, 2 of them being a manager, and really I thought it was not fair, that the staff could not join a union. I know that its not all that the TV adds make it out to be.....

You have a great web site!!! keep up the great work


I just wanna let you know that i could agree more with everyone of your principles and ideas on the 'McScamers'.


Just a short note to say congrats on the issue. I have just seen the documentary here in Australia - I was ignorant to the extent of the issue and the case. Keep up the good work and 'Kick some butt'!

My hat goes off to Helen and David (and those who have supported them through this)

Well done


I have just seen the documentary McLibel on SBS over here, and was impressed with what has happened and will continue to happen because of people like yourselves that care. The documentary suggested that you are taking the matter to the Human Rights commission....welll done.


It comes as no suprise to me what happened, it is very typical of the paranoia that big corporations have, even though they control a market, and can easily fend of competitors. They must control, I cant imagine what those executive types have going through thier heads sometimes. We are all fellow man and women on this one and only planet we have, and they just exploit like theres no tomorrow.

You are the real heroes.

With truth on your side you can never lose.


Dear Helen and Dave...

I just felt like emailing you both to say how selfless and courageous you are. Words really cannot describe the proudness you should feel at your achievements. I cannot believe how blind I have been to the issues you have raised and am more than annoyed at myself for not knowing more about how far the horrendous actions of McGarbage go, worldwide.

I will say this though ... I am never eating that bloody crap again. Thankyou for opening my eyes...


Just a quick note to say that I think what you're all doing is fantastic and that things like this restore my faith in humanity (for another day at least!). Maintain the rage.


Hello, Sorry to say that all I can do at the moment is just inform my peers about your site and your (our) concerns.

I immediately forwarded your site to 68 of my regular email addresses. Many thanks and keep up your great effort.


I watched tonight with a certain level of horror about the rough shod techniques that McDonalds used in the McLibel case on our local SBS. As a result of this we will not be giving patronage to McDonalds anymore.

Do you realise that one of the first words that my 2 1/2 year old son said was McDonalds. If we go past a McDonalds outlet we have to distract him so that he does not see the Golden Arches, otherwise we face a scene on a busy street. It scares me that one organisation can have that much influence upon my child.

Keep up the good work.

L.R. & P.R.

Special Broadcasting Services is an independent, non aligned, and non commercial station. Probably the only one in the antipodes that would be willing to go to air with this story without fear of revenue retribution.

I must congratulate you on your recent court case verdict. Even if you had won not one of the issues, you did what no other would've done. I am sure there is a growing feeling of discontent with the McMagnificent and would love to be part of the effort to expose these corporate criminals for what they really are.


Hello Helen and Dave, and all those involved in the case against Mac....We have just finished watching the doco here in Sydney, Australia, and were heartened and inspired by your stand against those fuckers! There were four of us watching, and we have pledged NEVER to eat at Macs again...

B, D, B & L

I think that what you are doing is great...

seeing how they were so cruel to the animals and stuff it put me off mcdonalds. i didnt like it. i thought that it was unfair to them and mcdonalds should invest in getting new methods of the killing process (like none at all) anyway back on the the subject, im not really sure if this will reach either mr dave morris or ms helen steel but i hope it does and i hope that they realise that alot of people know about it now because its been on tv and that everyone here will support you in anyway we can...


Congradulations! You are doing a bloody fantastic job. Keep it up!


Congratulations on what is obviously a very testing job. (without pay) We have admired you guys and gals from a distance for quite awhile. ...I am sure there are many people like myself that are very keen to see you succeed and would like to help.


I've just finished watching a documentary on the McLibel case in which Dave & Helen had prominent roles, on the SBS station in Adelaide, Australia. Great result, and I guess because this event took place some years ago and we've maintained in information blackout since then other events have unfolded. You can be assured I will be logging in regularly to obtain updates on your progress.

My very best wishes and thoughts are with you as you seek to establish a clear legal precedent of the anti-social nature of multi-national corporations.


...Congratulations to you...The case made the Sydney tabloids but there was no media follow up even though I tried to keep it in the public eye.

All power to you


I have always felt that McDonald's was a socially and environmentally corrupt corporation. I was amazed that 2 everyday people were able to get a British judge to admit this in court. Fantastic!


Tonight for the first time I saw the documentary regarding the McLibel trial against Helen and Dave. I was in total shock. I can't believe that for so many years I was 'sucked-in' by their marketing tactics and dirty deeds. After seeing the documentary (which thoroughly appalled me when I saw the behaviour of those responsible and in charge of the McDonald's corporation) and discovering that you now have a website to promote THE TRUTH I couldn't help but jump on the computer straight away to better inform myself.


From what I have seen, I will NEVER ... EVER eat @ a McDonald's restaurant EVER again. And that includes out of the restaurant, too!

Keep fighting! :-) It's about time someone stood up and did something. They've been getting away with it for too long. It's such a shame that more people don't know about it. I am going to try and spread the word to all my friends and everyone else I know. Maybe one day we'll be able to put them out of business, eh? ;-)


My comendations to the maker of such a powerfully evokative documentary-its of the right stuff, forcing one such as myself (though I have never been a great supporter of the particular neon-food-stuff in question) to take account of my own critical lethargy.

Of our two protagonists, I am in awe. Congradulations to you both! You have made an incredibly corageous stand, not only for your own, but all people's right (in this case you have bequested it as a right) to freedom of expression. You have broken the back of Goliath with your sling-shot defence, exosing the giant as a laudable clown. You have exposed so much; the implications of this run far and deep. Not only have you made transparent the myriad ideological manipulations engaged by transnational corporations, but you have demonstrated that people can sucessfully represent themselves in legal matters. You have at once exposed both free-market and institutional ideology (the former proactively, the later by necessity) and won. With people like yourselves about, they will not dictate the terms of reality; particularly when the truth behind the grease paint is intimidation, exploitation, and the suffering of multitudes.

Your contribution to community service is profound. Thankyou both, and all those who have supported you.


I was most impressed with your court battle and representing yourselves at that.

What a feat! I dont eat McDonalds food anyway so it was no surprise that its unhealthy.


I saw your Documentary on SBS TV in Australia this evening. As an ex-McDonald employee I can say well done. I worked in there Head Office in Australia when the company was setting up. I was 19 and I run there IBM computer working 60 hour weeks on an award wage with no overtime of penalties, benefits or time in lieu and NO union representation.

I felt our story was great. Well done for sticking up to organizational bully boy tactics. I wish I had the courage to do it when I was an employee.


To Helen and Dave and all those involved, I have so much admiration and respect for what you have done. You have not only shown but proven to so many of us around the world of the freedom of speech, the freedom of information, ethics, and the list goes on........ and only hope that you will continue to spread the news of what you have found to as many other people as possible.

Your devotion and determination and beyond words. Those years of persistence. Keep it up.


Saw the McLibel doumentary today on National TV. I knew most of the facts, but the film showed things more impressively. Congratulations on the outcome so far.

I have been disgusted for years now by the untruthfull and dishonest advertising by McD.

Keep up the fight,


Just saw the McLibel trial on ABC Broadcast today..Gotta say great great program. I recorded it and i will watch it many times to come. What you guys did has certainly changed my opinion of mcdonalds for ever and im simply in awe that you stood strong where any other people would have given up.



Thanks for your excellent work. The site is gorgeous.


Just saw Mclibel on SBS in Australia, Keep up the good work guys


The program following the Mclibel case went to air last night in Australia on one of our public broadcasting networks, good one! Keep up the good work, I for one will continue to re-direct my children away from the nearest McDonalds, and in this country, that can be difficult, they're everywhere!


I saw the McLibel documentary for the first time on SBS TV here in Australia last night. Having read snippets in the newspapers during the time of the trial, it was fascinating to see what happened in more detail.



The web site is great. I'm from Australia, and I saw some info on your site about Australia that I never knew before - McDonalds being fought off in the Blue Mountains. When I was at uni, McDonalds was stopped from opening an outlet on our campus (Sydney Uni) but it took a hell of a lot of organised protest (thank God for the student union).

Yay! Good to see that people don't always gravitate towards the lowest common denominator.


To whom it may concern,

Your group is doing the world a fantastic service by exposing these ultra capitalist monsters for what they really are.

Keep showing the bastards that there are still some people in this world with the brains to see what they are really up to!


It was fascinating ... a real David & Goliath affair. The two defendants came across as real heroes. This is how I found out about the McSpotlight website which I have just finished surfing.

Just wanted to say well done to all and ... keep the bastards honest!


i think what you are doing is fantastic. i am starting a website here in australia, and planning a 'send it back' campaign, recently in australia, macdonald's won a case which went on for 3 years, a community was trying to stop the demolition of a house which was 100 years old, where mcdonald's put their 'restaurant' the community didn't want macca's either. So were are going to collect their rubbish. congrats :)


A big hello and congratulations from Australia,

Last night on television i saw the story of the Mclibel Case unfold and was deeply affected by it.

Thanks God for Helen Steele and Dave Morris as they are to of the bravest and i am sure most stubborn campaigners the world has and will evevr know. WELL DONE YOU ARE BOTH INCREDIBLE!!

Thanks also to all the people that supported them in what ever ways were possible at the time. YOu are the wind beneath their wings i am sure.

ANyway congratulations on standing up for what you believe in and for what is is rare these days.


You guys rock.

I can't think of 2 people that have inspired me more.

To all those associated with this project, keep up the excellent work, it is projects like this that will eventually bring down these corporations, because at the end of the day, they are to focused on making more money, expanding etc, that they leave themselves open to attack. If two people can have a moral victory over the largest company on the face of the earth, even though they had a hitsquad of lawyers at a truck full of cash, then it's only just begun.


I just wanted to pass on my best wishes.

Whilst not fundamentally opposed to big business and large corporations, I applaud you for your stance on free speach. Good luck, stick it to the man


This is great work!


To mcspotlight, i may only be 12 but i watch a documentry on the mclibel case and thought of what a load of bullshit it is, good job with the site and with the case.


I believe that what the mclibel case represents a fundamental freedom that western society should have but doesn't fight for, and that Helen and Dave have brought to the surface one of the most important and terrifying issues facing the so-called ordinary person in day to day life. Please thank them for their hard work and let them know that they, and all who work with them, are immensely appreciated.


Congratulations to all involved.

M. & A.D.

This email is sent to you to say how the world needs more people like you to fight, or more to the point, to stand up to the cause of issues like these.

For what it is worth "KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT !!!!

P. & L.B.

Well done in your outstanding effort in the McDonalds case. After watching the doco 'McLibel' last night on Australian television, it has opened our eyes to aspects of Mcdonalds behaviour, we have never considered.


I have great pleasure to inform you that myself and a number of friends have decided to boycott our already minimal use of their product forever...

Thank you for the knowledge you have given us.

D.H. & S.R.

Thanks McSpotlight. I don't think I could stomach another McBurger after watching the show.


Congratulations on the outcome of the case and good luck for the future!


The first I ever heard of McLibel was last night on SBS television (Australia). It has certainly confirmed in my mind the damage that McDonalds has done in so many areas of life.

This whole subject requires further exposure, I can't believe the likes of the commercial television networks won't air such a movie. This movie should be made compulsive viewing for all primary schools throughout the world. (McD's would love that, NOT!)

Helen and Dave, you two prove that anything is possible. Words will never accurately describe your heroism. Thanks for trying to make this world a better place. Planet Earth loves you.

Best regards to all those who have helped Mclibel get to this point.


Well done to all that made this possible - I saw the SBS program in Australia last night - amazing. It inspired me.


I wanted to write to you to say how much I admire what you have achieved and to say that I wish it were possible to have a summary of the highlights of that programme on Video so that it could be shown to parents of young children at daycare centres and kindergarden and to High Schools student groups.

I am sure that if this information was was available through more "mainstream" pathways, more people would vote with their pockets and their conscience and leave MacDonald stores empty.

Our beautiful state of Western Australia is littered with fast food rubbish, not only theirs, but other american junk food chains. Not only have they infiltrated the middle class market, they are a hot favourite for many of our young indigenous people, who's rates of heart disease and diabetes are growing at an alarming rate.


I saw a doco on McSpotlight. McDonald's really are bastards. I have incredible respect for what you are all doing. Keep up the good work - it's inspiring.


Thanks for the welcome. Looks like a great site from what 've seen so far. Keep up the good work.


I watched with interest your journey through the courts tonight here in Australia. I knew all along that they were in it for the quid and I think everyone knows this but you spelt out the insidious influence that big multinationals have on our thinking and ultimetly on our culture (or lack thereof). I had heard nothing of this here (suprise suprise) shame it did not get on the commercial channels(wonder why) that would have been be truly devastating.


Hi ,I just watched the program that was broadcast on the ABC in Australia, very impressed...I can't belive that these people running these enormous companies can call themselves human beings and sleep at night.


We've just seen McLibel on the telly. Brilliant. Great that your website's still going strong too.

Helen & Dave and everyone at McSpotlight provide people like us, all over the world, with a bit of hope.

Hope you continue to stick it up MetaNats like McDonalds.

J.M. & S.W.

I'm happy that I am able to contact you to congratulate the ENTIRE team on your tireless efforts to try to expose at least one of them.

When I think how far you took this issue.......I wonder if I could've found the strength to continue. You did. "Well done" doesn't even begin to express my admiration.


I just want to say good on you you are heroes i saw the film last night on sbs australian television

I feel we can change the world after seeing your struggles.


It was so good to hear at the big guys can't step on us all forever, and that some ordinary people are out there, fighting for our rights. Media and marketing is so powerful these days, telling us all what to eat, what to wear, where to go.

Thanks for all the good work.


I am an employee of Mc Donalds in Australia and agree with most things you said in the site. Again well done and congratulations for having the guts to stand up against Mcdonalds.


Just a short note to let you know the Mc Libel documentary screened on Australian TV on Tuesday last. It was great to see the film and marvellous to know the work continues.

The book is fantastic as well and your website just keeps on growing.


Well done!

McDonalds has just lost another customer.


We must continue to spread the truth to all people, because afterall it is this people's movement which unites us all... for truth and justice against treachery, manipulation, exploitation, inequality, greed and evil. W.S.

Good on you guys.

I have just finished watching your documentary over here in Australia. My husband and myself eat at McDonalds about once a fortnight when I cannot be bothered cooking. NOT ANYMORE. After watching your documentary I have to say CONGRATULATIONS on making the average person aware of what is really going on.

I work in a large law firm in Australia and no how hard it is to run a trial and you guys have done it.

I will never step foot into another McDonalds ever again.


Hi, Gotta say, the whole website's brilliant.

I've been a keen hater of McDonald's for years and it's great to know that there's an international union of people like me who share similar opinions about propaganda and exploitation that Mc Donald's has been producing for years.

keep up the good work.


I found the "McLibel: 2wc" story most interesting and inspirational.


I'm from australia and i work at a mcdonalds and I saw the documentry on tv where the two environmentilists took on McDonalds. All they said was absolutly true. Keep up the good work with the site!!!