Couple sue McDonald's over 'milkshake assault'

By Philip Delves Broughton, Telegraph (UK)

February 28, 2000

A COUPLE who claim that they were assaulted by staff at a McDonald's restaurant after they complained that a milkshake was unsatisfactory are suing the hamburger chain for 60 million.

Alfred and Tijuana Pointer say that a milkshake they ordered at a drive-through McDonald's on Jan 21 was too watery. When Mr Pointer went into the restaurant to complain he claims that he was assaulted by the employee who had served him and by the store manager.

Mrs Pointer alleges that she was also hit when she tried to intervene. The lawyer for the couple, Geoffrey Fieger, alleges that Mr Pointer suffered multiple injuries, including blindness in his left eye.

The Pointers from Detroit, are suing McDonald's and the owners of the local franchise where they say they were attacked, alleging assault and battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and reckless conduct. McDonald's said it would be inappropriate to comment on the case while it was still pending.

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