Quarterpounder stays on the menu despite EU rules


3 March 2000

LONDON, March 3 (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp on Friday dismissed a press report that bureaucrats had threatened to ban its famous Quarterpounder burger on grounds the name contravened new EU metrication rules.

"The only change we have to make is to add the metric weight of the Quarterpounder burger on the menu boards just for clarification," a McDonald's spokeswoman told Reuters.

"We have not formally been advised of any requirement for change. Quarterpounder is a product name as opposed to selling a pound of beef or mince."

She said the Quarterpounder -- a million are sold every day in Britain -- weighed 113 grammes.

Britain's top-selling Sun tabloid had said trading standards chiefs had claimed the burger's name contravened European Union rules requiring restaurants and shops to list weights in grammes.

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