The McQuiz

Why is it environmentally friendly for McD's to produce mountains of disposable packaging and then dispose of it as landfill?

What was McD's official estimate of the length of the McLibel trial (which
passed its 199th day in Dec '95 and became the longest civil case in British history)?

          a) 3-4 weeks
          b) 2 years
          c) a lifetime

Which of the following have not been found in McDonald's food?

      a) A nematode worm
      b) Half a mouse
      c) Sewage
      d) E. coli bacteria
How many What's Wrong With McDonald's leaflets have been handed out worldwide since the writs were served on the McLibel 2, in 1991?

What is the purpose of McD's advertising?

    a) To neutralise the junk-food misconceptions about McD's good food
    b) To brainwash youngsters into doing wrong
    c) To dominate the communications area and compete for a share of the customers mind

What is a key element of Free Speech in the UK?

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