Recycling - The Facts No. 5

We are committed to pursuing an environmentally sound course of action in all areas of our business including finding ways to incorporate the three "R"s: REDUCE, RECYCLE, RE-USE

We are currently our suppliers to reduce the weight of packaging outers as far as possible and all our take-away bags are now made form 50% recycled paper. These reductions, and others, will add up to millions of pounds of material totally eliminated from the waste stream - and we will continue to look for ways to eliminate even more.

With the hard reality of today's decreasing landfill space, recycling has become a vital part of effective solid waste management because it provides another way to eliminate items from the solid waste stream.

McDonald's is already the largest user of recycled paper in the quick service restaurant industry; we use it for non-food containment such as Happy Meal boxes, napkins and paper towels as well as stationery at our Head Office. Waste stationery paper is also being collected for return to a recycler.

We are currently running a pilot scheme at four restaurants in the Nottingham area to assess the potential of recycling foam containers. Customers are asked to divide their waste, putting food remains and paper into one bin and recyclable foam cartons into another - the aim being that the foam is then collected for recycling into such things as plant pots, coat hangers and insulation material for use in homes, even fillings for duvets.

This scheme already operates successfully in many U.S. McDonald's restaurants creating a unique opportunity for us to work hand in hand with our customers towards a better environment.

McDonald's will continue to evaluate all aspects of our business to ensure that we are serving our customers in the best and safest ways possible - for you, and the environment.

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