Chloroflourocarbons: The Facts No. 2
Because McDonald's has always been very conscious of all issues relating to the environment, early in 1988 the decision was taken to cease using CFC's in packaging.

CFC's may be found in refrigerators, aerosol cans, air conditioners, foam furniture and packaging. Other manufacturers have also banned CFC's from their products and it is expected that there will be a sizeable cut in the use of CFCs in the early nineties.

The news from the Antartic is deepening international concern. Ozone is perpetually created and destroyed by the sun's radiation from which it, infact, protects us. This sensitive balnce is believed to be upset by the release of CFC's through the atmosphere, into the stratosphere.

McDonald's UK packaging supplier was instructed to investigate and implement the best non-CFC alternative. This change-over was completed in April 1988 and all McDonald's foam packaging produced in the UK is now CFC free and carries the CFC FREE message, reassuring customers of this change.

This change in the manufacturing process does not affect the quality of the packaging or McDonald's ability to serve customers with hot, fresh products.

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