PHOTO: Store by Tiananmen Square - the largest in the world.

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Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee:

  • Report: How Hasbro, McDonald's, Mattel and Disney Manufacture Their Toys, December 2001
  • Hong Kong Anti-McDonald's Day Campaign 15 Oct. 2000
  • Report on 10 Factories in Guandong Provinvce
  • Extract of Report on 10 Toy Contractors to McDonalds
  • Follow up Report on Pleasure Tech, 31 August 2000
  • Statement: We Protest against McDonald's Repudiation of Facts and its Responsibility
  • Boycott McDonald's

  • chi Reports of past campaigns chi

    Resistance to McDonald's in China

    PHOTO: Campaigners at the Beijing Women's Conference
    disrupt the McDonald's display, September 1995.

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