McGarbadge sets sail in Sydney Harbour - Stanmore residents are fighting to prevent the extension to a local McDonald's which would increase traffic and noise pollution problems.


Several benefit concerts were organised over the year, proceeds going to the McLibel support Campaign. On World anti-McDonald's day protests took place in various cities including Sydney and Brisbane.

The golden arches were toppled in Fairlight after a campaign by residents. As the council denied planning permission for the "restaurant" to open drive-thru facilities it was no longer financially viable. The deputy Mayor said "They didn't seem to do much business anyway"


There were several protests by residents to try and prevent the building of a McDonald's in Geelong West, Victoria, Australia. They had chosen a site that was in the middle of a residential area, located on a reasonably busy corner. The residents didn't want this. Locals alleged that McDonald's offered the adjoining neighbours money, thus those with the only legal recourse ceased protesting. McDonald's were given the go ahead to build on the site.

At the Townsville Eco Fiesta, Queensland, in July 1994 singer Peter Garrett from rock band Midnight Oil gave an anti-McDonald's speech and leaflets were handed out.

Benefit gigs to raise funds for the court case in London were held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The Operation Send it Back campaign has been active in Australia and there is an active Australian McLibel Support Group.


A number of people were served a writ in the supreme court for producing a humourous leaflets criticising the corporate invasion of Australia. Leaflets were handed out in Collingwood, a suburb of Melbourne. As a result of McDonald's legal action the leaflet was banned but is available here.